All candles from Pure Tranquility are hand poured using Nature Wax 100% Soy and a double Wood Wick for a wonderful fireside crackle and an environmentally friendly burn. All Nature Wax soy waxes are guaranteed to contain no petroleum, paraffin, animal or beeswax products. We will also refill your old jars and containers with soy wax and a woodwick; you're welcome to post your used jar back or drop them off if you live in the Northern Rivers.

Mosaic Soy Candles

The light reflections on these mosaics are gorgeous. They can be recycled into tea light holders and burn for at least 40 hours. All of our Mosaic Soy Candles also feature a beautiful double Woodwick that crackles as it burns.

Aqua Blue Crackle Mosaics
The bright blue to green reflections in these mosaics are gorgeous and look amazing in a beach home or for fans of aqua.

Red Diamond Mosaics
With a stained glass look, these have a tudor feel to them for anyone who loves history and romance. Fabulous for the holidays.

Soft Green & Purple Mosaics
These change colour throughout the day and are so serene, bringing the outdoors into any space with shades of lilac and apple.

Black Mirrored Mosaics
So chic and glamorous, these work perfectly in a modern or minimalist room, or just for a touch of sparkle alongside any colour.

Mason Jar Candles

Our Small to Extra Large Mason Jars are hand poured with 100% Soy Wax and set with a booster Wood Wick for brighter flame, lovely crackle and an even burn. They can be recycled around the home as soy wax washes out easily with soap and water.

Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars 240ml: With a beautiful glow with a beautiful light whilst burning. They are traditional jam jars that can be recycled in the kitchen, with a removable ring seal and lid. 

Medium Jam Jars 300ml: So versatile, so cute! Create a welcoming atmosphere with their 'Country Cottage' logo and embossed sides for easy grip and beautiful wooden wick.

550ml 'Country Cottage' Jam Jars: These jars are so country chic with a raffia bow, double Woodwick and 'Country Cottage' logo. With at least 50 hours approximate burn time, as soy wax burns slow. 

1100ml 'Country Cottage' Jam Jars: Amazing value preserve jars, these burn for at least 100 hours and make a great storage container in the kitchen once the wax is all gone.

Handled Mason Jars Clear, Blue or Green 500ml: These come in vintage embossed clear or plain green or blue glass. They can be recycled around the home as soy wax washes out easily with soap and water.

Canister Candles

These contemporary stoneware canisters are the perfect way to burn your favourite scent and enjoy the crackling wooden wick. Finished with a beautiful pale wood lid with a rubber seal to hold the fragrance in, these can be easily recycled for storage of dried herbs, tea and all sorts of goodies in the kitchen. With a burn time of 40 hours and four different finishes, these are economical as well as stylish. Available in Clear Glass, Marble Look, Grey Matte and White & Gold Herringbone pattern.

Travel Tin Candles

Our Soy Travel Tin Candles with Wood Wicks hold 200ml of wax and are the perfect size to take on holiday with you. In an unbreakable silver tin and a Wood Wick creating a wonderful campfire crackle as it burns, they bring atmosphere and fun to any environment. 

Soy Wax Melts

Our soy wax melts come in a clamshell pack of 6 in your favourite fragrance. Each melt is highly scented and lasts 100 hours. Choose from one of our top 6 fragrances, or let us know during check out if you'd like something different. We also offer sample packs to try if you're not sure which scent to order.

Refill Your Old Jar

We can refill any jar, from small (up to 200ml) to extra large (up to 1000ml) with 100% soy wax and a double wood wick. So long as your container is in good condition with no cracks or damage. If you are unsure about cleaning your jar, you may send it back with the remaining wax inside and we can clean it for you.